Customer and Employee Relationships are More Important Than Ever

  • May 5, 2020

Keeping in touch is essential, and so is showing your appreciation.


Why Give Customers Gifts?


Are you just another vendor to your customers, or do you want to build a more personal relationship? Do your new customers remember the name of your company now?  Will they when they are ready to buy again?


Giving them something with your brand on it that they use regularly is the perfect way to show you appreciate them as a client and also remind them of your company name each time they see it.


Choose wisely to get maximum results. If they use smartphones, power banks (portable chargers) can keep your brand handy almost 24x7x365.

These devices have ample room for logo, business name, URL and phone number.








Why Give Employees Gifts?

Besides showing your appreciation, what you give your employees can also increase visibility for your brand.


Do your employees travel for business? Consider giving them luggage personalized with your logo and/or company name.





Think of all the time they spend waiting in line at security or for tickets or to check baggage plus time spent walking to and waiting at the gate. How many will see your brand logo? Those who can afford to travel could be your upscale future clientele.


If day trips are more their style, how about duffel bags, available in sporty looks or something more professional like this:



Do your employees spend their time at their desks meeting with clients?

Give them an executive desk gift set featuring any combination of business card holders, pens, clocks, notepads, or name wedge pen holders:










Now is the time to reach out to employees, customers, and clients. Let them know you’re thinking about them and value your relationships. Give them something functional that they will actually use.

Yes, these are reminders of your business, but they also show you care enough to take the time and effort to give from your heart.